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Organic & Biodynamic

For us, winegrowing is a long-term opportunity to indulge, close-up, our fascination with the wonderful complexity of the natural world. Our commitment to regenerative agriculture methods is driven by a desire to protect and promote the vitality of our soils, bettering them for future generations. Further, driven to produce the highest quality products possible, we believe that enlivened soil is critical to this aim.

We think of our farm as a whole, living organism; a closed organization made up of several interdependent elements  - fields, forests, plants, livestock, people, wildlife - all connected to each other, and all subtly influenced by the greater cosmos.

In practice, this means farming without synthetic fertilizers or chemical inputs such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides. We create and apply biodynamic preparations made up of animal manures, herbs and to enliven our soils, applied at appropriate times in keeping with the rhythms of nature.

Lightfoot & Wolfville is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and Biodynamic by Demeter. As part of only a handful to carry Demeter certification in Canada, this puts Lightfoot & Wolfville in the ranks of fine wine producers from around the world.