• Josh Horton

    Josh, a native Nova Scotian, grew up mere steps from Lightfoot & Wolfville’s Oak Island Vineyard in Avonport. Agriculture is in his blood and has shaped his life tremendously. Several summers spent in the family garden and on his Grandfather’s farm gave him the foundations for an early career in horticulture and later viticulture. After nearly a decade in the landscaping industry, Josh helped the Lightfoot family plant their first vineyard in 2009. Shortly thereafter, with a burgeoning passion for a career in grapes and wine, Josh completed the Winery & Viticulture Technician program at Niagara College, completing several vintages in Niagara and back home in Nova Scotia. Returning to Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards full time in 2014, Josh is now the Head Winemaker. A true farmer, meticulous viticulturist, and passionate “winegrower”, Josh believes great fruit is necessary to create fine wine.  

  • Cat Taylor

    Despite growing up in a teetotal household, and studying/building a career in business, Cat eventually realised that her future belonged to winemaking. While visiting friends in France, she recognized that this incredible intersection of wine, food, people and sense of place was very much worth exploring - this discovery was one of a few key catalysts that led Cat to leave her corporate life and move to Bordeaux for an immersive wine experience. With internships at Domaine Zind-Humbrecht in Alsace, and Tawse Winery in Niagara under her belt, and her Master of Science and Technology from the Bordeaux School of Agricultural Engineering firmly in hand, she returned to Canada hungry for more experiences in biodynamic viticulture and winemaking. Cat has been with Lightfoot & Wolfville, Nova Scotia's only biodynamic winery, since early 2018.

  • Laurie Morin

    Originally from Ottawa, Laurie spent time as a young girl in her Great Aunt’s flower gardens at her cottage in the Ottawa Valley. Unknowingly, it’s where her passion for growing began.After working a couple of summers in Algonquin Provincial Park, she developed a great love for the outdoors, and enrolled at Sir Sandford Fleming College, School of Natural Resources and received her Geological Technician’s diploma in 2007. While working in Northern Ontario’s gold mining district, Laurie decided to go back to school and enrolled at Acadia University. She received a B.Sc. in Applied Science (Geology) in 2011. Between various geology contracts, Laurie would work at the local greenhouse operation where they grew flowering annual and perennial plants and veggie transplants. At this point in time, her passion for growing her own food was expanding and she was establishing large vegetable gardens of her own. Laurie then entered the Nova Scotia wine industry while working as a lab technician for Jost Vineyards in Malagash. In 2017, after hearing Lightfoot & Wolfville’s story, Laurie transitioned to the Annapolis Valley once again. Laurie says she felt a strong pull towards the people and place and knew in her heart it’s where all her passions could finally come together. With a diverse background in soil science, she carved out a space as Head Gardener, tending the flower gardens and establishing various vegetable gardens for the winery restaurant. She is now continuing her education through Dalhousie University, making her way through their Master Gardener certificate program.

  • Laëtitia Miroux

    Laëtitia grew up in the South of France and started working in the French wine industry 14 years ago. She completed her Master's degree - Vine, Wine and Terroir Management - in four European countries where she learned the art of wine (Viticulture,
    Oenology and Tasting). Shortly after graduation, she completed a European Bachelor's degree in "Marketing and International Trade of Terroir Wines" for a well-known agricultural college in
    France. In 2011, she created a company specialized in the development of export strategy for wineries. For almost 10 years, she managed a two-entry business with French winery clients on one side and foreign wine distributors on the other. Gradually, her French wine clients asked her to work on all phases: from export strategy to export action plan. In order to gain reputation, she set up a training activity - which allowed her to promote how a winery should manage the export activity to succeed in this competitive and international wine trade environment. Since 2017, Laëtitia and her husband have been planning their next project: living in Canada. They arrived permanently in Nova Scotia in 2020. Passionate about the biodynamic philosophy, Laëtitia joined Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards to further develop her skills in wine export strategy.