2020 Small Lot Mystery Pinot


2020 Small Lot Mystery Pinot

This small lot bottling is the inaugural single-block release from a unique 2014 planting situated on the south-facing slopes of our "Oak Island” Vineyard in Avonport. In our pursuit of exceptional Pinot Noir production, the vines for this block were painstakingly propagated and custom-grafted over a span of several years, sourced from cuttings of a vine purported to be a special, early ripening, powdery mildew resistant, clone of Pinot Noir. In the vineyard, we have observed a fine, white leaf covering - a classic Pinot Meunier trait - but with fruit clusters more reminiscent of Pinot Noir in terms of appearance and flavour profile. Experts in ampelography have speculated possible connections to the elusive Wrotham clone of Pinot Noir, which shares the distinctive characteristics discovered in this block. A rare clone with a rich history, Wrotham Pinot was originally discovered by accident as a wild grapevine growing on a stone wall near the village of Wrotham in southeast England. It has been theorized that the Romans brought cuttings of this vine to England 2000 years ago. Wrotham Pinot was brought to North America in the 1980s, where legendary oenologist Dr. Richard Grant Peterson of the Napa Valley helped raise its profile and allure through his high quality Blanc de Noir and still Pinot Noir projects. Given that even DNA analysis can not yet entirely differentiate within the Pinot families, the exact viticultural ancestry of our cherished vines remains a “mystery”.

Technical Details

Varietal Composition
100% Pinot Noir 
Total Acidity
6.28 g/L
Residual Sweetness
0.8 g/L
218 cases (6 x 750 mL)

Tasting Notes

Pale ruby in the glass with a hazy garnet rim. On the nose, classic Pinot aromatics suggesting fresh cherry and bright red berries, with savoury mushroom and earthy woodland accents. Light bodied with fine, silky tannins and well-integrated acidity that provides structure and length.

Pairing suggestions include mushroom ravioli or dishes featuring duxelles, coq au vin, pork and spätzle with roasted brussel sprouts or roasted pork shoulder with salsa verde.