Please note that our Woodfired Oven & Patio have closed for the season as of October 21.


Offered Friday to Sunday from 12 – 4:30pm inside The Gallery with a cozy fireplace view

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Food & Wine Philosophy

We’re committed to thoughtful food that is both nourishing and exciting. We believe in wholesome ingredients and in the beauty of simplicity; that less can be more. That a menu should be as locally sourced, seasonal and organic as possible. We believe that wines should be an expression of where it’s grown and bring joy to those who raise it in their glasses.

Food at Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

Chef Geoff Hopgood Executive Chef

A Halifax native, Chef Geoff Hopgood spent most of his career working in Vancouver and Toronto for some of Canada’s best restaurants. After learning and honing his craft under his mentors, it was time to open his own restaurant.

Food at Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

In 2011, he opened the acclaimed “Hopgood’s Foodliner” in Toronto, a Nova Scotia inspired restaurant named after a family grocery chain in Halifax.

After six years of success, Geoff and his young family were inspired to move back to Nova Scotia to plant some roots and contribute to the blossoming food and wine culture of the region. Now, Geoff is helming the culinary program at Lightfoot & Wolfville, which offers amazing potential for food and wine in the Maritimes.