2019 Small Lot Scheurebe Icewine


2019 Small Lot Scheurebe Icewine

This ultra rare bottling is a silver lining of the 2019 growing season. Periods of cool, wet weather made it impossible to achieve the ripeness parameters required for most of our still wines. Scheurebe, the varietal that has quickly become the obvious favourite within our Terroir Series, is particularly late ripening. Despite the weather challenges, our Scheurebe clusters were hanging in perfect condition with very low disease pressure, thanks to the meticulous canopy management practices of our vineyard team, and in part to the fact that they were on the edge of ripeness. This provided the unique opportunity to hang later into the season to attempt an icewine harvest from Scheurebe, a first for us, and perhaps one of the very first for Canada. The clusters froze naturally on the vine, reducing the yield, while concentrating the natural sugars, flavours and acidities. The end result is an icewine of terrific balance, thanks to the retained acidities. Harvested by hand on the 19th of December when temperatures dipped below the required -8 degrees Celsius. Fermented with wild yeasts in stainless steel.

Technical Details

Varietal Composition
100% Scheurebe 
Total Acidity
17.09 g/L
Residual Sweetness
194.6 g/L

415 bottles (200 mL)

Tasting Notes

Deep golden in hue. On the nose, concentrated honeyed stone fruit and exotic tropical fruit notes dominate, complimented by floral accents. Luscious and mouth-filling with harmonious balance between the elevated natural sweetness and acidity.

The ideal pairing for rich dishes such as chicken liver mousse with fruit compote or pungent cheeses such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort.